Software Engineering on Modern Application Platforms

24 students in 6 teams

Students will learn about the essential Software Engineering (SE) principles and develop their SE skills by writing mobile apps for the iOS platform. During the second half of the semester, students will work in teams of not more than 4 students to develop cool and innovative iOS apps. Students can pretty much develop whatever apps that they desire as long as it is not immoral and does not compromise learning values. Visit our FaceBook page on https://www.facebook.com/cs3217 to find out more about the apps that were created by past students from CS3217.

Project List



DietShare is a social networking app where user can share their daily meals, join popular topics, discover restaurants nearby and keep a healthy diet.



NUSLib is an iPad app which will allow users to access the services and catalogue offered by the libraries of NUS.



When you here Ding!, your food is ready! No more time wasted on waiting in long queue for your favourite food! Ding! is here for you!


TalNet for iOS

Enable easy and swift management of talent hiring process on the iOS platform for SGInnovate portfolio startups



An iOS app that helps software engineers structure and manage their learning journey in the AI track such as data science, machine learning and deep learning, with hopes of expanding into other skills based industries in the future. This app is able to keep track of and aggregate skills learnt on various other platforms, institutions, books, etc, into a single place.


LittleFaces Face Check-In

Facial recognition check-in application for iOS built in collaboration with local edutech startup LittleLives. This app is an addition to the existing LittleLives check-in application on the App Store.