41 students in 8 teams

The objective of this module is to introduce techniques for electronic game design and programming. This module covers a range of important topics including 3D maths, game physics, game AI, sound, as well as user interface for computer games. Furthermore, it will give an overview of computer game design, publishing and marketting to the students. Through laboratory projects, the students will have hands-on programming experience with popular game engines and will develop basic games using those engine.

Project List


Chop It Like It's Hot

It is the year 2047. The world population has reached a critical mass of 10 BILLION humans. As the pace of life increases to the fastest it has ever been, a new innovation to serve food faster than fast-food has been born. Still in the product testing phase, ‘Defeed’ is one of the few chosen diners to try out the SUPER-FAST-FOOD-RIFLE. The player acts as Chef Thyme, who will be responsible for showing the food industry how well the SUPER-FAST-FOOD-RIFLE can be utilized to feed the ever-hungry population.


Monkey See Monkey Swat

Monkee is on the run from the zoo and fighter jets are out to get him! Help him take down the propeller jets while he attempts to fulfill his dreams of climbing the highest tower in the world! Hide behind the tower while the planes open fire and swat them down when they come too close, but beware not to let go of the tower or Monkee will fall to his death!


The Mansion

The Mansion is a first person puzzle solving horror game where the player is stuck inside a mansion possessed by evil spirits. Playing as the main character John Rowland, a Search and Rescue officer, the player will escape from this mansion and find clues about a hiker who has gone missing around this area. Player will search around the mansion, collect helpful items, avoid been captured or attacked by evil spirits and paranormal events, solve puzzles or find key items to grant access to different parts of the mansion.



this.place (a play on the word ‘displace’) is a puzzle platformer that incorporates block pulling. You play as a young child who ventures on a journey of self-discovery and exploration. Every stage will challenge you with unique puzzles, and will lead you closer to unraveling the mysteries of this world. Will you be able to find the answers?



In 1981, after working hard to become a detective, you are faced with a really challenging crime scene. You will have to explore inside the witnesses' mind to find out hints to solving the crime. It is not easy as you thought as each of them has "weird" characteristics and the hints are hard to find. Ultimately, through hints and moving things in the crime scene, you need to produce the actual crime scene. If you manage to get it correct, you will be able to find out the real criminal.


Teeny Tiny

A 3D Competitive Scavenger Hunt game with a twist of hide-and-seek. As the Tiny (these small strange little creatures) tasked to source food for your village, you must brave the giant's room to find the bits and pieces of leftovers to survive. But that's not just all, with other villages at war with yours in the fray and the giant making his rounds, will you be the first to grab it all?



ShuttleShocked is a fast paced virtual reality Bullet Hell game. Players take control of a shuttle and must survive waves of incoming bullets, lasers, and enemies while attempting to destroy the main boss.



PSI:on is a 3D virtual reality game where the player tries to escape from a research lab while eliminating enemies using telekinetic abilities. You play as a test subject who has volunteered for an experiment on telekinetic abilities. Upon discovery that the experiment worked, the lab wishes to hold you there against your will. Use your newfound abilities to fight your way out and break free from your captors in PSI:on!


Very good
Give the game booths more space
Need more space between the booths
this.place is very well polished and well presented. Game mechanics are smooth, not buggy and gameplay is interesting and well paced. Being a non-VR game also made it stand out. Well done!
Had a good time
We should encourage more of these fun projects
This.place (CS3247-04) is an excellent game! Visually very appealing and catchy!