Enterprise Systems Interface Design and Development

60 students in 15 teams

This module aims to train students to be conversant in front-end development for Enterprise Systems. It complements IS2103 which focuses on backend development aspects for Enterprise Systems. Topics covered include: web development scripting languages, web templating design and component design, integrating with backend application, and basic mobile application development. The group project requires students to propose an innovative digital commerce idea, and then implement a fully functional solution prototype. The emphasis is on creating effective front-end interaction and engendering positive User eXperience across both web and mobile channels.

Project List



Custea is bubble tea retail chain based in Singapore that offers online purchase and delivery. With a focus on customizability, Custea aims to maximize customer satisfaction by allowing customers to create their own custom drinks. This customizability allows Custea to tap on the increasing trend of health consciousness, dietary restrictions and to sell the drink creation experience to our customers. To complement the drinks, Custea also offers an assortment of snacks and light bites ranging from finger foods such as fries and waffles to mini-meals such as pastas.



SPORTIFY is an online sports retailer selling football jerseys of professional soccer teams from all around the world. With a good mix of over 100 famous international soccer leagues and teams such as Arsenal, Bayern Munich and Barcelona, SPORTIFY aims to be the purveyors of football jerseys while embracing technology, giving customers an unrivaled online shopping experience.



Aide is a Government-to-Citizen digital commerce platform for students to purchase necessities using credits


Task Catalogue System

A platform-based task-sourcing application (task catalogue) which allows subscribed users to engage a service or provide service for task among themselves. People can earn a side income from their free time by rendering help to bridge the gap in skills and expertise to perform an ad-hoc task. The tasks are published on the site to gather interest and for people to bid. The business earns by charging a small fee on the matching. The application helps to liaise and match tasks to a suitable bidder by having a detailed profile view of bidders as well as reviews for past tasks done which is maintained by the community.



The growing problem of aging population has resulted in increasing number of elderlies that cannot be taken care of by their children who may be busy working. Disabled people are also in great need of help when their families are not around. CareTaskPro allows these groups of people to request for services from both certified professionals as well as people who wish to earn some money by doing daily chores. CareTaskPro aims to provide a simple to use, elderly-friendly user interface to serve the needs of these groups of people.


K One Beauty

The best of K-beauty products, all in ONE place! K One Beauty aims to provide customers with a large variety of products at unbelievably low prices with guaranteed authenticity. We also have a subscription service for a mystery box of products delivered right to your doorstep monthly, specially tailored to your skin's needs!


OwO Gifting

OwO Gifting is an incentivized-gifting platform that aims to bring a smile to everyone's face through the simple act of gifting. OwO Gifting revolves around the whole idea of making it as easy as possible for anyone to gift frequently to the people they care about. Users will be able to see gift suggestions on the mobile application, as well as shop for a gift on OwO Gifting's e-commerce website.


Learning Hub System

Learning Hub System is an online educational system which allows students, lecturers, teaching assistants to share as well as exchange information in the integrated system.



Many people are faced with the issue of facing a huge amount of chores but having limited time. This results in them having to complete a subset of their chores in a day, before being exhausted. DoMyChores is a new Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) platform which allows users to advertise chores/errands online and bid for them to be complete. DoMyChores provides an environment for those with chores on hand but do not have the time, to seek the help of others and provide them with monetary compensation in return for the completion of the chore, using an Auction-Bidding system. Anyone can advertise their chores/errands by simply adding a few details of the chore, where others can bid for the chores. From cleaning services agencies, to individuals looking to make some cash on the side, our platform can leverage existing third-parties looking for a wider audience. Our platform will automatically end the bidding period when a date and time specified by user has been reached and send a email notification to the user, where the user will pick a winning bidder. A list of recommended bidders will also be generated using details like the bid amount and user rating. Payment for chore completion is done through our platform via the use of iBanking. DoMyChores will be available both as a web application and a mobile application which will be using a common backend.


Makan Maker

Makan Maker is specially designed for your cooking convenience through bringing fresh local recipes right to your doorstep. It is a Singapore-based home meal kit delivery service, with web and mobile applications available. Users select a recipe from a variety of recipes and indicate their preferences and dietary requirements to filter the best recipe for their needs. After selecting a recipe of their choice and delivery details, fresh, seasonal ingredients in the recipe selected will then be packaged and sent to their address for their cooking convenience.



QueueMe is a convenient food ordering mobile application, specially catered to consumers in food courts. It is designed to allow the consumers to order a variety of food from different stalls in a single purchase. This provides as an alternative to the traditional way of queueing physically at food courts, which incur waiting time even before ordering. QueueMe also aims to provide convenience to these users with the aid of cashless transactions. The efficiency rewarded due to QueueMe’s order and purchase processes also benefits the vendors. The improvement of services could retain and attract more customers in the long run.



A paid knowledge sharing platform that takes online writings publication one step further.



PlayToConnect is an online shopping platform selling unique and interactive toys and games of various genres ranging from space adventures to survival games. With increasing attention being shifted towards the Internet, people are staying constantly staying connected virtually, rather than staying in the present. With the ever increasing number of new games and toys being released, With PlayToConnect, consumers can obtain from our large diversity of products conveniently and efficiently, creating opportunities for them to enjoy both individual and group quality time of fun with their loved ones.



BorrowMe seeks to eliminate the need for unnecessary spending.



You're on your way to meet your wife for dinner, and you realize you forgot her anniversary gift. You ran into your friend who invited you to a birthday party that starts in two hours. Or your girlfriend is upset and you want to comfort her, but you can't leave to get flowers. There are countless of times when we need gifts, without being able to hunt for it. But now, with a couple of taps and swipes, we can deliver last minute gifts to you when and where you need it.


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K one beauty is user friendly, has a wide range of products to choose from and has super affordable prices!
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Giftme is gonna save relationships
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