Pervasive Technology Solutions and Development

15 students in 3 teams

Pervasive technology is immensely omnipresent in our daily life and brings novel business prospects. Indeed, pervasive technology immerses the users in a triad of interaction, computation, and communication. But it also presents significant challenges ranging from technology architectural design and security concerns among many. This module will study the mechanisms and operating environments of pervasive technology. Some of the topics covered include computer and network architectures for pervasive computing, wearable technologies, internet of things, mobile computing mechanisms, location mechanisms, techniques for security and user authentication. The group project requires students to conceptualise a novel and innovative pervasive computing idea that solves a concrete problem. The nature of the problem can managerial or technopreneurial. The students also need to realise their idea by developing a fully functional prototype that incorporates multiple connected devices such as microcontroller, sensors, BLE beacons, smart phones and smart watches.

Project List



SMART Fitness Era is coming with the RISING of IoT



Food Emblem is a platform that brings together restaurants, food seekers and platform collaborators such as restaurant suppliers through the use of pervasive technology.


Buddy Care Project

An Android-powered IOT system that provides remote health-monitoring and support.


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