MIP-FYP-UROP - Module Independent Projects, Final Year Projects, and Undergrad Research Opportunity Projects

8 students in 5 teams

MIP: These are mostly self proposed projects. It gives opportunity to highly motivated students to turn their great ideas to live projects without worrying about module requirements, grades etc. Projects meeting STePS standards will be accepted. FYP/UROP: These are regular final year projects and undergraduate research projects. STePS provides a platform these students to get initial industry feedback and to meet potential investors / collaborators.

Project List



Location Based Optimisation

Ride-sharing apps simplify the process of booking rides by leveraging on the Global Positioning System (GPS) and communication technologies available on smartphones. While this has largely been effective, such apps often involve a central party who influences the prices users pay. This project examines the ride-sharing market from a different dimension where we essentially remove a central party and implement auction-based ride systems between a rider and prospective drivers. Such a system can benefit both the riders and drivers. Riders are assured the best price by free market economics and drivers need not pay exorbitant commissions, surely a win-win situation.



FYP H135960 Sword Ordinary Code: An AR game based on NUS map aiming to help student familiarize campus and learn basic knowledge about programming and algorithms.



ShowNTell - Online Whiteboard

ShowNTell is an online whiteboard which can record down your drawings and export it to video. The features include: - Saving and viewing your drawings on the cloud; - Recording your drawings in optimised data structure and play back with extremely small bandwidth required; - Exporting your drawings to mp4 format; - Inserting PDF or images and drawing on top of them; - Conveniently moving to a new page within the same drawing document; - Selecting and moving objects on the canvas.


TrafficPlanner: A Gamified Traffic Management Simulation

TrafficPlanner is a gamified traffic planning platform that aims to involve the general public in hands-on traffic planning.


Doctor Robo

Dr Robo aims to bring healthier closer to remote communities that have no access to basic healthcare and medication in less developed countries, whether due to logistical issues or in disaster relief situations, Dr Robo can reach these communities through the use of automation and IoT devices.


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