Software Product Engineering for Digital Markets

28 students in 7 teams

In this module, students will practice software product engineering by working in small teams to develop well-tested, user-friendly, production-quality software for the real world. To support this goal, students work closely with users to understand their problems, gather their requirements, and obtain their feedback through a rapid, iterative, application design and development process. Students will also be exposed to practical issues for digital markets such as growing the user base of their application, deployment of the application on the Web or in the cloud system, and validating the UI design and UX of the application.

Project List


ClassBuzz - Social Networking App for Kids

Social Networking App for Kids serve as an experiential learning platform for students to learn Cyber Wellness concepts in an authentic context. This will allow kids to learn and practise appropriate, respectful and responsible online etiquette.



FomoSumo is a web-based, multiplayer motion-controlled game suite. Using your mobile device as a motion controller, dive into the world of sumos with your friends!



If you have ever organized a CCA practice or a make-up tutorial session, you probably understand the pain of spending more time messaging back and forth looking for a suitable time slot than actually attending the meet-up. Try out ShowFace, a scheduling application for groups to find the best time to meet. A ShowFace organizer can efficiently create, disseminate, and otherwise administer Shows. With a simple link, you can let participants indicate availability on any device, let the web app calculate the most optimal time to meet, and always be that tech-savvy leader everyone wants to work with.



Variora: The best Past Year Paper Discussion place you've ever seen. And it's MORE than that.



SoShare is a deal-sharing app that helps you find matches to take advantage of 1-for-1 or bulk discount deals.



NUSCloud helps you sync files in IVLE instantly to your own cloud storage platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive!



Muvement is an app that helps choreographers create and visualize their formations easily.


cool stuff
Such an amazing application!!!!!! Deserves to win the TOP place!
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I felt that Muvement is very interesting! Helped me a lot when creating my dance performances
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Good job with commercial value! Continue to explore further!
Muvement is Very interesting
Muvement is truly a very modern and creative take on how Dance choreographies can be made more accessible to dancers and non-dancers alike! I'm very impressed! Love it!!!!!
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