Computer Security

Apprehending Trespassing Wi-Fi Drones with Packet Spoofing

By ong yen siong kenneth, yeo xi jie, cyrus guo, daniel tan jia wang, kempf marcel philipp, yuval zvulun

We demonstrate an economical scheme to protect no-fly-zones and private properties from trespassing drones by automatically hacking them and taking over control.

As remote-controlled drones become more accessible to the general public, some exploit these drones for acts of terrorism or fly them in private spaces, causing a nuisance. However, existing current measures either takes a passive approach towards unauthorized flying of drones, such as the implementation of no-drone-zones, or they involve expensive equipment such as jammers or heavy-duty drones. In this paper, we aim to demonstrate an economical method to apprehend Wi-Fi drones that are illegally flown, or unwanted Wi-Fi drone flying near private property.