Information Systems Capstone Project

Chubby Chubby System

Chubby Chubby System contains a suite of business applications that are tailored to manage the business processes of Chubby Chubby Pte Ltd. It includes an Enterprise Resource System to effectively and efficiently manage its daily operations, such as Inventory, Sales, Customer Relationship and Human Resources; A mobile application to allow customers to purchase merchandise with ease from their phones; A customer portal to provide customers with a platform to create and manage their exchange requests, view their loyalty points and account information; and lastly a Point-Of-Sale (POS) system to manage sales in a physical store.

Chubby Chubby is a company that offers clothing and products for babies and toddlers. Owned by Nix Deng, the company specializes in personalized product designs to tailor to each customer’s taste and preference. The company has both physical and online presence in the form of pop up stores, product consignments in other stores and an online shopping site to ensure greater coverage and credibility. Classified as a small enterprise, Chubby Chubby aims to create its niche in the saturated children care industry through providing personalized services.

Chubby Chubby currently uses many different platforms to manage the company’s operations, and the existing solutions limit what the company can do to serve the various needs of its customers and handle the complexity that arises from Chubby Chubby’s multiple sales channels. Due to the disconnectedness of the different subsystems, a lot of manual work is required to keep the systems in sync and tedious data collection processes must be carried out in order to perform data analysis and planning. Furthermore, with a manual Point-Of-Sales procedure and inventory management, the company often runs into issues with inventory mismatch, cross-channel loyalty point redemption, and exchange request management.

Thus, the company needs a more robust system that to efficiently and effectively handle its daily operations by eliminating as much manual work as possible with the ERP system. A POS system and mobile application to facilitate both offline and online sales, as well as a customer portal for customers to manage their accounts and exchange requests will be implemented and integrated with the ERP system

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