Information Systems Capstone Project

BellyFast System

BellyFast System is an all-in-one online ordering system that provides convenience to customers and food businesses alike. For food businesses, an all-in-one solution that has all the essentials is hard to come by. BellyFast online ordering system includes a frontend menu, backend inventory management and menu customization, and analytics reports to make it flexible and suitable for any F&Bs. For customers, customers can have a much easier time browsing through menus and order meals at their own leisure.

With the increase in popularity of smartphones and mobile devices, businesses have been leveraging on food delivery platforms to streamline food ordering, expanding their customer base and boosting revenue stream. In recent years, mobile applications have provided utmost convenience to customers and changed the way food businesses are managed.

Currently, food businesses exist that may not be maximising customer acquisition due to a lack of a strong online presence. With an increasing number of customers turning towards online ordering, it is imperative for food businesses to adapt and cater to their customers’ needs and convenience by implementing technology in food ordering and delivery processes.

With reference to the trends above, businesses are looking to streamline food ordering, managing their inventory, and catering to customers’ needs and convenience all at the same time, yet there are no applications available currently catering to such needs.

In line with the above problem, BellyFast System aims to develop two web applications, one for business owners, one for administration, and a mobile application for customers to tackle the issue.

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