MIP-FYP-UROP - Module Independent Projects, Final Year Projects, and Undergrad Research Opportunity Projects

8 students in 4 teams

MIP: These are mostly self proposed projects. It gives opportunity to highly motivated students to turn their great ideas to live projects without worrying about module requirements, grades etc. Projects meeting STePS standards will be accepted. FYP/UROP: These are regular final year projects and undergraduate research projects. STePS provides a platform these students to get initial industry feedback and to meet potential investors / collaborators.

Project List


Aesthetic QR Code

Embedding images and videos onto QR codes


Deep Learning a way to Generate Medical Reports

BioMedical Image Analysis and Report Generation Focusing on Chest X-Ray and Retina


SLIONS Karaoke

A multi-language Karaoke app to learn languages in a fun and engaging way


Stock Portfolio Trading Research


Bellyfast gives a good different take of food delivery system, efficiently linking inventory management with order sales.