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Bill.eGoat: Automated Management of Bills and Statements

A person who scans his phone bills/medical bills/banks statements often ends up manually filing the physical/scanned copies. The sheer volume of bills to manually organise, the lack of ease in cross-referencing and analysing bills across a time period and other problems lead to unnecessary financial errors, such as late payment of bills. The bills/statements from one organization, however, typically have the same layout and format while using standard fonts. Hence, it is possible to read information, such as billing amounts, from soft-copy bills and summarize them (e.g., show a chart of phone usage month-over-month). Bill.eGoat is the first automated bill manager available which allows users to upload bills via web or email and have their bills sorted and presented in useful formats - such as charts which analyse billing patterns. Bill.eGoat can easily be used by one and all in a quick and painless fashion, seeking to remove the hindrance of bill management, tracking and analysis from people’s daily lives.

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