The objective of this project-based module is to provide an opportunity for the students to work in a group to design and develop a game following the main stages of game development process. The module will focus on the design of core dynamic, game mechanics, strategy, progression, balancing, game levels, interface and technical features including 3D graphics, virtual reality, augmented reality, animation, AI, physics, and networking. In addition, software engineering principles will be practised in developing the game software. Themes for this Semester's Projects: Mixed and Virtual Reality Game, Mixed and Virtual Reality Simulation for Training (using Oculus Rift). [Thanks to Facebook/Oculus team for sponsoring 30 units of VR Development Kits for the course.] https://www.facebook.com/vrprojects/


38 students in 7 teams


Mama! Lava!

Game Title: Mama! Lava! Genre: Endless Run / VR / Third-Person Game Concept: You are stuck in a tower. A pool of bloodthirsty lava will start filling up the tower. The higher you get, the harder it becomes to survive. How long will you be able to escape the lava?


UFO - Undeniably Furry Organisms

2 aliens were captured and trapped in a white-walled lab facility. The scientists want to test what these aliens can do, by putting them through a series of tests. Play as one of 2 furballs as you make use of the environment to escape! Genre: Puzzle - Platformer with special possession mechanics



You wake up and found yourself in an unknown world. You realize the similarities to your own world, and along the way you discover unique creatures called Spirits. However, you found yourself stuck in between the fight of Resideo and Mutatio. By solving mysteries, puzzles and escaping from unexpected disaster, you slowly find out the truth behind the unknown world. But would you be able return to your own world and save the other?


Facility X13

Play as an alien parasite that has to make its way out of the top secret Facility X13. Escape the facility while you solve puzzles filled with interesting mechanisms. Should you choose to blast through the level or strategically plan your way through the doors and switches? The only way to find out: play Facility X13!



A mysterious being grants you the powers to bends Gravity. You accept to survive and escape the trouble you got yourself into... and find out later the cost of your newly acquired powers.



You come here for a legend of the old sword of the swan knight Lohengrin. When the night starts, when the opera sings across the lake, the legend reveals itself. Follow the lead of the sound, drive the boat, head to the legend and find out who you are!


Eye Contact

Eye Contact is a first person multiplayer VR game. Players takes on the role of humans have to steal a precious item and escape from a wax museum while being hunted by monsters. Humans have to make use of the environment to stop the monsters from getting close. Monsters on the other hand can move fast but have one key vulnerability: they cannot move while being seen by any other player.