Enterprise Systems Development Project


Affectionately known simply as the "8MC", this is the capstone project module for Information Systems (IS) students. It has the dubious distinction of causing students to suffer from sleepless nights of agony trying to put together their projects. But then... it is under such arduous condition that students learn best the skills of their trade! More information about the module... Students work in small teams of 5 to 7 members over a grueling 16 weeks period to analyze, design and develop a complex full-fledged enterprise system. Three project tracks are available. The Enterprise Solutions Track is a prescribed project involving a highly complex business domain and a conventional web-based enterprise system. The Integrated Solutions Track is a prescribed project involving enterprise system with various hardware integration. The Innovative Solutions Track is an open industry project involving anything under the sun!


17 students in 3 teams



Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) constantly faces an uphill challenge in executing events and performing day to day activities efficiently. An enterprise system that helps to connect NPOs, volunteers and companies together. The system is able to match volunteers to suitable NPO's events based on their personality and interest, link vendors to NPOs and help companies perform Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In the long run, SGServe helps NPOs to streamline their day-to-day operation and volunteer management, allowing them to focus their core activities. The volunteering scene benefits as different stakeholders are more engaged and involved.


Integrated Facility Management System

Singapore is consistently ranked as Asia’s top meeting and convention city, thus the demand for event and venues remains consistently high. In order to solve the problem of complex venue and booking management, we propose an integrated solution to facilitate the whole process. It consists of an internal system used by property owners for managing venue and event, processing payment and ticket sales as well as data visualisation, together with an external booking platform for event organisers and a mobile application for event goer engagement. This one-stop solution can provide great convience to the venue booking process and enhance the user experience by removing the need to deal with multiple systems.



MTiX Ticketing System

Singapore's ticketing scene has been monopolized and dominated by SISTIC, Singapore's dominant ticketing giant for as long as the ticketing scene has existed in Singapore. Our team wishes to challenge this status quo and break this monopoly strangle which SISTIC has. Our ticketing system is not just a viable alternative but one which exceeds the standards of this ticketing juggernaut. The consumers deserve a right to have a better ticketing system and we are there to fulfill this right with our ticketing system, MTiX. Our drive and product are motivated by this need to be a game- changer in the ticketing scene. Our ticketing system features the functionalities which SISTIC provides but designed and implemented on a notch higher. Do come and witness this turn of history of Singapore's ticketing industry as MTiX is unveiled on 11th November.