E-Business Capstone Project


In this module, students are required to complete a Systems Development Life Cycle to develop an e-business system based on principles taught in previous modules. This project can be viewed as a large-scale practical module. Emphasis will be placed on system design, user interface design, database design, security strategy, and performance. Students will appreciate differences in the scalability, usability, performance and security aspects. They will also sharpen communication skills through close team interactions, consultations, and formal presentations. Students will also develop a comprehensive understanding of the issues of e-business implementation from an enterprise architecture standpoint.


6 students in 1 team


LinedUp (available on Android)

LinedUp is a travel reservations assistant that allows users to keep pictures of travel inspiration and find good travel deals using their pictures. Unlike a travel planner, our innovation is the identification of locations from pictures, grouping pictures by common regions, and finding market-specific reservations (flights only for MVP) using users' content - the wishlist. In addition, for travel startups/businesses, they can target their products more relevantly based on the wishlist, which implies expected incoming traffic to certain areas. Singaporeans have strong inclination to travel and have prioritise it for happiness, but according to Expedia, 70.8% felt vacation-deprived, making Singapore the third most vacation-deprived country globally. As cost-conscious and time-pressed Singaporeans, we want to be able to nail down all the essential travel reservations and good deals timely, so that we can be confident to see more spend less.