Module Independent Projects and Final Year Projects


MIP: These are mostly self proposed projects. It gives opportunity to highly motivated students to turn their great ideas to live projects without worrying about module requirements, grades etc. Projects meeting STePS standards will be accepted. FYP/UROP: These are regular final year projects and undergraduate research projects. STePS provides a platform these students to get initial industry feedback and to meet potential investors / collaborators.


12 students in 5 teams


WordNews - Second Language Learning from News Websites

Learn a second language while reading the news, using Chrome extension or Android app.


#MyTweet via Instagram

Exploring User Behavior Across Multiple Online Social Networks. We study how users of multiple online social networks (OSNs) employ and share information. We study a common user pool that use 6 OSNs — Flickr, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and YouTube — by compiling a cross network dataset that consists of users’ social network activities and their self-declared user profiles. We uncover why users use different OSNs and how they interact among them. In particular, we investigate the pattern of cross-sharing, a previously-unstudied behavior: i.e., when a user broadcasts their own activity across multiple OSNs. We find that cross- sharing among users exhibit strong bias towards certain OSNs as originating sources and others as destination sinks, and that cross-shared posts also show certain topical and social predispositions.



Recolor is a mobile 2D puzzle-action game set in a stylized world. The game utilizes a unique drawing mechanic that allows players to plan and guide the characters Huey and Satura across beautiful but dangerous landscapes as they embark on a journey to help Satura regain her memories while recoloring their world. Recolor started out as a game prototype in SUTD Game Lab's Game Innovation Programme (formerly GAMBIT) in 2015. Since then we have decided to turn it into a full mobile game. The team consists of 3 NUS School of Computing students and 1 from Digipen Singapore.


Hero As A Hobby

Join us in a world of adventure where you will get to explore the wonders of City Z as a young psychic hero and defeat the oncoming monstrous and robotic invaders bent on overtaking the world! Utilise your close combat combos or various devastating shooting abilities to eradicate your enemies! Activate your flying powers to ease your woes of traversing the difficult and dangerous terrains and close up the distance between you and your enemies quickly! Seek help from the lands itself by picking up various elemental runes that will grant you an additional boost in your powers considerably to tackle your enemies! Now available with VR!


Magna Caves

Inspired by the classic block-pushing puzzle games of Sokoban and Kwirk, Magna Caves is a puzzle game that introduces magnetism on top of the usual block-pushing, giving an additional layer of depth to the puzzles. The incorporation of magnetism generates a surprising variety of novel mechanics and possibilities that have been unexplored in other block-pushing puzzle games, making this a very exciting concept. Magna Caves is currently developed for and playable on the desktop (bit.ly/2e709hw) and on Android (bit.ly/2dBABIJ) This game is an Apollo Entry for NUS CS Orbital 2016 (https://orbital.comp.nus.edu.sg/?tag=2016).