Module Independent Projects and Final Year Projects

#MyTweet via Instagram

Exploring User Behavior Across Multiple Online Social Networks. We study how users of multiple online social networks (OSNs) employ and share information. We study a common user pool that use 6 OSNs — Flickr, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and YouTube — by compiling a cross network dataset that consists of users’ social network activities and their self-declared user profiles. We uncover why users use different OSNs and how they interact among them. In particular, we investigate the pattern of cross-sharing, a previously-unstudied behavior: i.e., when a user broadcasts their own activity across multiple OSNs. We find that cross- sharing among users exhibit strong bias towards certain OSNs as originating sources and others as destination sinks, and that cross-shared posts also show certain topical and social predispositions.

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