Software Product Engineering for Digital Markets


It's not the same CS3216 Software Product Engineering for Digital Markets is not your traditional software engineering course. You will not have lectures teaching you how to write in a particular programming language. You will not have assignments that assess you only for the quality of your code. You will not have a bar set for you. In fact, we don’t even know how high the bar is. It's about your dreams Inspired by The Last Lecture (or "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams"), this course is your chance to start realising your dreams today. You will get the chance to show off your creativity to do something different. You are free to build almost anything under the sun. It's about change It will be a mistake to think that CS3216 is about teaching you how to work on new platforms. The world changes so fast that it will be obsolete by the time you graduate. In fact, you are more or less expected to learn them on your own. It's not about learning how to work on a platform. It’s about learning how to learn. It’s about equipping yourself with the ability to pick up new skills on the fly to face a changing world. It's not just about coding Enrolment to this course is open to students of all faculties and students. You will work in small inter-disciplinary teams to create your killer applications. Programming experience for non-School of Computing (SoC) students is not a pre-requisite since work will be done in teams. In previous years, we have had students from Science, Arts and Social Sciences, Business (including an MBA student) and Engineering in addition to SoC.


36 students in 9 teams



We live in an era where smartphones have become the biggest source of distraction. Focust is conceived to reduce the distractions of a mobile phone. Train your focus by refraining from using any other apps on your phone when using Focust. Listen to mindfulness training audio to improve self-awareness. Challenge your friends to a focus showdown. See your progress with visual display of how much you achieved daily!


A*genda - 21st Century Event Planning

What's the most compelling reason that people go to an event? Most likely the content of the event. And this is why the presentation of events' agenda is so important. However, current agenda planning solution relies mostly on spreadsheets, making the agenda very hard to plan for the organisers, and allowing almost no interaction for the event-goers. As a B2B App, A*genda is here to the rescue. It features a drag-and-drop, intuitive organiser-facing interface that makes event planning a smooth experience, and provides analytics to the organisers for them to gauge how popular the sessions are. For the event-goers, they can personalise the agenda by bookmarking their interested sessions, add the sessions into their calendar Apps and receive SMS notifications before the sessions start.



1our wants to help NUS students maximize their time in school, and get paid for it. We do this by bringing them fun and interesting projects, studies as well as experiments that they can be part of.



There is insufficient information online and lack of common platform for exchange students to know one another. Therefore, we want to SOLVE these issues so that we can ENRICH the experience of every student ! ExchangeBuddy is a mobile friendly web application that groups exchange students based on their exchange universities to help them meet new people, learn about events in their community, and learn more about the university and community they will be going to. We are also a platform for exchange students to document and share their experiences with one another.



Stressed over work? Bored at lectures? Wanna catch up with the latest topics in campus? Bubble is an anonymous chat application made by NUS students, for NUS students. Talk about anything under the sun, anytime, anyone, anywhere. Think a friendlier, more responsive NUSWhispers that categorises live discussions! Anything. Anytime. Anywhere.


FitMi - iOS/watchOS

Exercises have never been this fun before: Always trying to stay fit but too "lazy" to go out and exercise? Always trying to keep your workout regularly but usually give up in a day or two? Always trying to find something interesting but most of the times are bored during your running? Fit-Mi is the app for you ! In Fit-Mi you are going to own and raise a cute sprite called Mi. You walk, it walks, you run, it runs, but look out! If you quit, it may become weak or even die. Exercise more, grow up your Mi, achieve your everyday goal and battle against friends!


Give For Free

Give For Free aims to raise funds for your favorite charity! But instead of donating money, simply post your preloved items on the platform. If others want your item, all they have to do is donate to your chosen charity! You can also get others' preloved goods and donate to charity at the same time. Charities benefit. You benefit. The Environment benefits.



Pivot is a next generation online tuition platform. Singstat reports approximately 600 thousand children within primary school to junior college ages and according to the Straits Times, 7 out of 10 parents send their children for tuition. This is a huge market, that is worth almost SGD$1billion. Yet, only 3 out of 10 students actually feel that their grades improved. The issue here is that good tutors are rare, and are always fully booked. Our app tackles that problem, by moving these good tutors online, saving them the trouble of traveling and looking for a location. In essence, we create time. Our platform provides a online classroom environment for the tutors to conduct their classes. It comes complete with video chat, pdf sharing, whiteboard, as well as screen sharing to give tutors all the necessary tools they need to replicate the teaching experience. On top of this tool we also build an management system, where one can match students to teachers. The end result is that students and teachers can attend classes with a single click.



Love singing in the shower? Never tried writing your own music? Looking for inspiration? Kuimba is a platform for you to listen to songs, record your own tracks and collaborate with other beginner-level musicians. Easy-to-use, no downloads required. Join our community via Facebook today.