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Silver Flexer

With advancements in technologies, many inventions such as robotic arms or wheelchairs have been created to assist the silver community in carrying out their daily activities. However, is this truly enough? We may have given them a way to make life easier for them, but we may have also taken away their ability to recover their body to its former state due to over-reliance. Though they come with many benefits, our team believes in tackling the root of the problem which is the weakening of their bodies. Hence, we bring you Silver Flexer, a fitness machine with a gaming mechanism and an interactive robot integrated into it. The machine comprises of elderly-friendly movements and exercises that simulate real world activities, incorporated with interesting/ interactive activities and games, with rewards to motivate them to give it their all. Through this project, we hope to encourage the silver community to exercise more through simple and interesting robotic interactions, thereby providing them with a healthier lifestyle to help strengthen their bodies and reduce their reliance on technological tools. We believe that the robots that we create should not be a means to an end, but rather the catalyst to inspire development in ourselves as humans.

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