Robots@NUS Projects


The silver population of Singapore will increase from 1 in 8 today to 1 in 4 by 2030. Therefore we need to cater to their current and future needs. Problem Statement: About 19% of the elderly live alone. We found that the elderly population who live alone would rather eat outside rather than cook just for themselves. When the elderly do go grocery shopping, they find it difficult to carry/lift/move around items, especially if they have to climb stairs. The purpose of our project: This is a form of a social project for a community kitchen. The elderly can socialize while maintaining a healthier lifestyle, all with the help of the LEGOCERIES robots. Our proposal: The LEGOCERIES is to be used by the elderly while shopping for groceries. Eliminates their burden of weights: Makes their life a lot easier by climbing stairs; the elderly do not need to have the burden of carrying their groceries or moving the trolley as the robot carries the weight and autonomously climbs stairs as well. Walking Support: It has handles for supporting the elderly Back Support: According to a journal from the National Institute of Health, older adults from the age 65 and above develop musculoskeletal pain where about 36 to 70% of them suffer from lower back pain. Therefore, to assist the elderly, the shopping cart platform can be raised so that the elderly do not have to bend low and lift heavy weights. With just a push of a button, they can simply raise the platform. Networking: The elderly can use the “EV3 Mindstorms” to communicate with other people whenever they come grocery shopping as well. Old people would rather eat out rather than at home because they do not feel the need to cook just for themselves. So, they could interact and have dinners together with their friends or even new people.