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Software Engineering on Modern Application Platforms


Tri Adventure

Tri Adventure is an exciting physics based spaceship shooting game based on iOS. You can control your own space ship to tangle with the monsters and win points by shooting and destroying them. You can even design your own battlefield and play with your friend to find out who is the real adventurer! You can play this game on an iPad like any other iPad games; Or you can play it on a TV with 🎮 like any other Xbox games!



Noora Health

Noora Health is an interactive iPad application with offline support. Its primary goal is to teach caregivers how to take better care of patients who had undergone surgery through the use of videos, excerpts from medical experts and quizzes. Our target audience is expected to be around 400,000 families (derived from the number of Noora Health’s hospital partners), across all socioeconomic backgrounds. As such, the application has to be simple to use, and the training content has to be well organised so that the information of postoperative care is accessible to all its users.



App link: Jasmine is a gamified educational app that helps English speakers improve their command of Chinese. The gamification of learning has long be proven to be beneficial in various aspects, such as providing the users autonomy in their learning, making learning visible and the freedom to fail and retry without consequences. Most importantly, it makes the learning experience fun and enjoyable, motivating the users to improve continuously and practise frequently, which is crucial to maintain language proficiency. We plan to couple learning with fun games so that users are motivated to consistently enhance their Chinese proficiency in a fun way. We also plan to target users at all levels of proficiency, spanning from the beginners to the experts, through user profiling and automatic adjustment of difficulty level.




Modularized, cross-platform maze game built in collaboration with local edutech startup LittleLives. This app forms the core of an interactive display installation off North Bridge Road.



join the evolution of electronic music! MIDIchlorians is a simple yet versatile way to play music. Use it as a stand alone instrument, or pair with other electronic music devices to make your performances more dynamic and expressive.




Drift is a fun racing game for the iPad featuring single player mode, where you can race against AI racers, as well as multiplayer mode where you can go head to head against your friends in a local multiplayer setting. You can also create and share your own custom maps using a level designer.


Rolling Deep

Rolling Deep is an insanely addictive iOS platformer game that pushes the limits of the player’s reaction by avoiding traps and barriers while travelling at a high speed. Rolling Deep also boasts an in-built level designer for players to create their own custom maps, and an online sharing platform for players to upload and play custom levels designed by others.


Patient Virtual Assistant

Together with ST Engineering, our team aims to improve the lives of bedridden patients who are staying in a hospital ward. Patient Virtual Assistant (PVA) is an application for the iPad which will be placed at the sides of their bed. PVA will streamline the ordering of daily hospital meals through the app, as well as help patients and nurses communicate if there is a language barrier between them, through the use of a multilingual conversation helper in the app. Additionally, the app will also be able to display the patient's vital signs (i.e. body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate, blood pressure) from IOT-enabled sensors attached to the patient or the bed, in real-time. As the app is designed from the ground up to be modular, other features such as infotainment, localization and doctor patient communication can be added as we go along.


12 Days of Christmas

The Future is Now. Fly a Drone. Save Christmas. 12 Days of Christmas places you at the seat of a Skypost Inc. delivery drone controller. In the 12 days leading up to Christmas, you deliver packages of joy and happiness to families and bring as much profit to Skypost Inc. as possible.



Startup Weekend App

Startup Weekend Singapore (SWSG) is an annual entrepreneurship event where over 150 attendees would gather together and within 54 hours pitch a business proposal towards a panel of judges. Our application will be tailor made to be an ideal event application that that would streamline the workflow and experience for both participants and organizers. On the participant’s end, our application is targetted to make their experience more seamless and convenient by allowing them to easily form teams with the appropriate skillsets, receive updates and notifications, see the schedule of the event, book mentor consultation slots and communicate within the team. On the organizer’s end, our application aims to automate the manual administrative processes of the event by simplifying processes like daily registration, announcements and keeping attendees up to date while no longer having to deal with things like mentor booking which have now been automated.


Train to Changi

Train to Changi is an iOS visual programming-based puzzle game. It aims to develop algorithmic thinking, pattern recognition and problem solving skills in its users through solving a series of puzzles. Furthermore, it also aims to distill the complexities of programming into an easily understood visual metaphor. Train to Changi uses the concept of a train passenger who wants to reach a destination. Unfortunately, the train refuses to travel smoothly and breaks down at every station. In order to clear the stations, the player has to solve bite-sized, pre-defined algorithmic puzzles.



Augmented Reality crowd sourcing navigator