The objective of this project-based module is to provide an opportunity for the students to work in a group to design and develop a game following the main stages of game development process. The module will focus on the design of core dynamic, game mechanics, strategy, progression, balancing, game levels, interface and technical features including 3D graphics, virtual reality, augmented reality, animation, AI, physics, and networking. In addition, software engineering principles will be practised in developing the game software. [Thanks to Facebook/Oculus team for sponsoring 30 units of VR Development Kits for the course.] https://www.facebook.com/vrprojects/


50 students in 8 teams

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PurgaStory: The Return

Your childhood game brought back in digital form! PurgaStory is a hide-and-seek game with a twist - why hide behind objects, when you can hide INSIDE them? Up to 8-players form two teams. Play as a Reaper, guards of the underworld tasked to hunt down escaped ghosts and leave none ... alive(?), or be a cute little Ghost and possess objects to blend in with the environment and avoid getting killed by the Reapers. Pick up powerups, save your fallen allies, have fun with your friends and re-live your childhood with PurgaStory!


Mr. Pixel

Mr.pixel, a bounty hunter, a cowboy who is elite in dealing with interstellar affairs. One day, he received a secret order from empress: the important experimental subject has been stolen, find it out and give it back to nation as soon as possible. When completing this mission, he will be given $1,000,000,000 reward. He received the mission, as well as the appearance of the criminal suspect. App Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/mr-pixel-lite/id1305022438 Google Play Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Dawnlord.MrPixelLite


Poco a Poco

Fly with the music! Poco a Poco is an exciting VR music game. In the course of the four seasons, you'll find wild flowers burgeoning and blooming with secret fragrance, the stately trees put on their leaves and give a goodly shade, until wind and frost touch all with austerity, the water sinks low and the rocks at the bottom of the stream emerge. Climbing on mountain at morning and turning down at evening, the sceneries of the four seasons are various and the joy is also endless.


The Chosen Ones

A 2D platformer shooting game with an invisible twist! Play as one of the Chosen Ones today! The game features 4 different game modes each encompassing unique excitements and thrills in their packages, unveil them today and battle it out with your friends to vie for the top spot! Everybody can be a unique individual in life, but only YOU can be the chosen one.


Valhalla VR

Valhalla VR fast paced shooter game where the player has to survive the onslaught of monsters in Virtual Reality (Vive).



A cataclysmic event where cats have been mysteriously transported to different parts the world to be... pushed into water by moving walls? Experience a game like no other as your desperately attempt to align yourself to holes in the wall only to find out you are one block off and your friend in front of you refuses to listen because he/she thinks that you're wrong and you both fall off! There will be chaos, there will be craze, there will be.. KATACLYSM!



Geographical researchers have identified a new sea region -- the Eighth Sea -- that is pulsating with unfamiliar life. You and your team of marine biologist friends have been selected to research these fascinating new species and learn to keep several specimens in captivity. Obtain your samples from treacherous depths, bring them to your floating laboratory safe and sound, and make sure they get back to the sea alive and swimming once you're done with them -- or the Fish Protective Services will shut you down.



A VR action fantasy game set in the medieval times, VindicatoR promises fast-paced action as players take on the role of a wizard out for vengeance against waves of monsters hell-bent on destroying his Kingdom. With an arsenal of elemental spells, clear monsters from the land through immersive casting/combination of spells and achieve a mastery of the elemental arts.


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i love es
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The Mr Pixel booth seemed really unwelcoming :(
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The chosen ones is very Creative and Interactive! The graphic can be improve though
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Valhalla VR has excellent gameplay and graphics. It is immersive and also interesting.
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Jia Xuan is the best!!!!
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