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Software Product Development for Digital Markets



More often than not, the best matches can come from the people who know you best. Pear is a dating application that allows your real life friends to become your virtual matchmaker. Whether you are looking for love or playing matchmaker, we are all about matching the perfect "pears". For the matchmakers, curate potential dates for your BFFs and Bros, play cupid for your single friends and write a review for them to up their dating profile game! For the daters, find dates from a list curated by your best friends and engage in meaningful conversations with real people, no fakes.



Are you an entrepreneur? Do you own a startup that will reshape the world forever? Is your innovation something that the world never witnessed before? Is lack of fund the only thing stopping you from reaching that dream? PathFinder will get you there. PathFinder is your business consultant that helps you create an awesome investment profile for your company. The profile will be registered into SGInnovate's database, which opens up opportunities to be connected to some of the investors in deep-tech industry. Are you ready to walk the same path that the world's most successful startups walked before?



Aurum is an all-in-one dashboard for managing your cryptocurrency mining farm. Aurum aggregates data from multiple sources and simplifies them for you to easily track the performance and profitability of the farm, alerting you when miners are performing poorly.


NUS Attend

Time is precious, why waste it on mundane tasks like taking attendance in class? Free up your time by using NUS ATTEND. We are a revolutionary attendance taking system for all NUS lecturers and tutors where with just 1 CLICK, you can collect the attendance of up to a 1000 students! You can also export the attendance in excel format and upload it to ivle when needed. Try it today!



Job matching is an O(N^2) problem. The current process is to match a stack of Job Descriptions to a stack of Resumes. We are looking into automate this process and create a scalable solution. We have a series of products that tries to tackle this incredibly hard problem.



Timeliss is a legacy planning and creation service that plans for end-of-life matters such as creating accurate wills, advance care plans, and digital memorials. Timeliss also fulfills other needs at end-of-life that conventional services do not provide, such as managing of online accounts, and preparing personal messages directly to others.



HunQRy -- orders made fast. Why stress over what to eat? Why fumble with mass orders? Why download an app just to order? HunQRy is the web application that will change the way you order your food. Browse menus, select your food items beforehand, collate your orders together, and pay through PayLah! HunQRy is the seamless ordering platform you seek.



Helping our feline friends find their furrever homes! Pawsome is an awesome website for potential cat adopters to view cat listings, and also for fosterers to put up their cats for adoption. Even if you are not looking to adopt a cat, you can help these homeless kitties in Singapore by sharing the adoption listings on social media with just one click! Last but not least, have an eye-bleaching experience with all the unbearably cute cat photos on Pawsome!