Game Development Project


The objective of this project-based module is to provide an opportunity for the students to work in a group to design and develop a game following the main stages of game development process. The module will focus on the design of core dynamic, game mechanics, strategy, progression, balancing, game levels, interface and technical features including 3D graphics, virtual reality, augmented reality, animation, AI, physics, and networking. In addition, software engineering principles will be practised in developing the game software. [Thanks to Facebook/Oculus team for sponsoring course resources.] https://www.facebook.com/vrprojects/


22 students in 5 teams


Recoil Rivals

Don't be stunned like vegetable!! Recoil Rivals is a 2d local multiplayer battle arena game for you and your friends to become vegetables that are fighting to escape their destiny of being cooked!


Pigeon Simulator

Player controls a pigeon to experience the danger and beauty of the world. Game map includes forest and farm. Player is supposed to control the pigeon to avoid all kinds of obstacles. The further the pigeon flies, the higher score the player will get.



Technodancer is a prototype rhythm based VR game. It aims to combine the First Person Shooter (FPS) genre with the ever popular VR rhythm based genre.



Ra-Beat is a rhythmic VR game where you control your familiar (Ra) through drum beats and defeat monsters. In this magical world, everything is controlled by the God of Metronome. Being a mythical rabbit, Ra only understands your command through drum beats and only when they follow the beats. You are now thrown into the mission to defeat monsters and there is just one rule to survive in this world: Follow the beats, not the rhythm!


King Smash VR

King Smash VR puts players into the life of a gigantic rampaging gorilla wrecking havoc in the middle of a city. Escape your enemies and smash those that dare defy you!


Chong Mee Bing10 months ago
Recoil Rivals is the best!!!!!
Nadia Bte Mohd Hamzah10 months ago
Bellyfast gives a good different take of food delivery system, efficiently linking inventory management with order sales.
Wong Ding Feng10 months ago
I will
Ng Jian Lai10 months ago
Bellyfast gives a good different take of food delivery system, efficiently linking inventory management with order sales.
Ler Tze Xian10 months ago
Very interesting concept by Team Technodancer, I've played rhythm games before and seeing a viable translation into VR seems quite promising.
TAN REMMIE AZMIE10 months ago
RARAT IS THE BEST, graphic is good, characters are cute! Interface are very friendly!