Industry Internship Programme


The Industry Internship Programme (IIP) provides students with an opportunity to gain valuable experiences beyond the classroom setting by engaging in projects of substantial size, scope, and complexity. It enables students to better appreciate the application of fundamental conceptual knowledge in business analytics and information systems (in both computing technologies and its management), by allowing them to apply and relate what they have learnt in class to real-world industry projects. IIP is specifically designed to have students work in a team of two for a single project. By working in a two-member team, students will be able to not only take on a substantive project but also acquire complementary skills to help them work more effectively within a team setting. Such collaborative experiences gained in internship attachments also allow students to familiarise themselves with the real-world working environment and to fine-tune their educational preparation for career choices after graduation.


4 students in 2 teams



Improving Right-siting in NKF using Data Analytics

The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) is a non-profit charitable organisation committed to providing life-saving dialysis, promoting kidney transplant and raising awareness of kidney disease prevention. As all patients are required to visit the dialysis centers (DCs) 3 times a week, for the rest of their lives, to receive life-saving dialysis and care, it is crucial that we right-site them to the DC that are close to their homes or workplace. We’ve developed a web-application and performed data analysis which aims to improve the overall right-sited percentage for new, current and future patients. Healthcare agencies which provide specialized services can consider our solution to increase efficiency.


Markono Smart Factory

Markono Smart Factory is a fully integrated, collaborative manufacturing systems that provide insights from the start of the purchase order to delivery of manufactured goods. This project is part of the company effort in industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) to drive productivity, maximise the use of space, and enable streamlined processes. It transforms real-time data from the production machines and integrates other in-house systems to allow a real-time monitoring of the factory’s overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), operator performance as well as keep track of the jobs in the shopfloor. Smart Factory is envisioned to be a smart, highly customizable and digitally connected system that leads to more data-driven decision making.


Nadia Bte Mohd Hamzah10 months ago
Bellyfast gives a good different take of food delivery system, efficiently linking inventory management with order sales.
Ng Jian Lai10 months ago
Bellyfast gives a good different take of food delivery system, efficiently linking inventory management with order sales.
Christian Jacob Mencias 10 months ago
Project which covers alot of industry aspects.