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Effect of Health Score Awareness on Consumers’ Sentiments and Patronising Behaviour

To study the effect of health score awareness on consumers’ sentiments and patronising behaviour using data from the US food inspection records and Yelp restaurant reviews.


Causal effect of the Asian Financial Crisis on Suicide Rate

Abstract: Financial crisis can have devastating impact on the psychological well-being of the individuals affected by it. In this study, the suicide rate of a country/region is used as a yardstick to measure the psychological impact caused by the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997-1998. We conducted causal analysis using regression models and difference in differences, with the treatment and control group carefully selected to test the effect of the crisis on suicide rate.


Did legalization of same sex marriages affect divorce rates?

Perform Causal Analysis of same sex marriage legalization on Divorce rate in each of the US states.


“Can Happiness predict employee turnover?”

Happyforce is an interactive app which collects data about employee satisfaction and happiness at work. Several companies use this app to track the happiness level of their workforce. The task is to develop a model that identifies characteristics of employees that may churn. We want to identify whether employee happiness is one of the characteristics that leads to turnover. The study was conducted on 37 companies based out of Barcelona. The data available is for 2.5 years during which around 4356 employees belonging to those 37 companies in Barcelona have interacted with the Happyforce app.


Causal Analysis of Liu Qiangdong’s Sexual Scandal and JD’s Sales Volume

Company representative’s personal image receives increasing attention in the relevant literature. Approaching from the sales data perspective, the purpose of this paper is to investigate the potential harmness with representative’s negative personal news. In this paper, we are going to use both penal model and Difference in Difference to examine the sales effect of Liu Qiangdong sexual scandal on 02/09/2018 by comparing to Suning's sales. Data are collected from each platform’s customer reviews.


Does Temperature have an Impact on US Crime Rate?

Since 1960s, crime rates in the United states have been declining and remained stubbornly low till now. However, the FBI recently reported that crime rates have been on the uptick since 2014, despite the nation’s best efforts in curbing crime. This project attempts to explore the relationship between temperature and crime rates in US crime data. Due to the increasing effects of climate change, it is critical that we understand the societal effects of changing temperature. Panel data consisting of crime and temperature (across various cities) will be used for analysis, and a quasi-experiment will be constructed to determine causality.


Let that Manager Go

Analyze the effect of termination of football manager to team performance A huge amount of investment are made by football clubs for changing manager to transform the fate of the team performance. Our team is aiming to analyse further using mathematical equation and computational to observe the implication of the manager change with the team's performance.


Do mass shootings in US boost public interest of buying guns?

Mass shootings happen every year in the US, which creates great panic across the country. As people are worried about self and family security, we are interested to find out the causality relationship among mass shooting violent attacks, public's interest of buying guns and social gun control debates.


Does Bike-sharing Reduce Dog-bites in New York?

Bike-sharing service has experienced dramatic growth in the past few years, and also profoundly affected the way people's choice of their travel mode. At the same time, how to prevent and reduce the occurrence of dog bites in the city is still a top priority. We focus on the relationship between these two phenomena. More specifically, we will examine whether the development of bike-sharing reduces the chance of getting dogbites in NYC.


They are not just pets, they are the guardian of my home

It’s about our best friends, our pets. When my brain was totally drained from causal analytics topics, my lovely dog jumped onto my lap and rubbed her tiny furry head around my arms – then I asked, what my dog has caused to my life? I have one dog and six cats. I was born with a shepherd dog in my house. Love for sure, but equally importantly, they make me feel safe and secured. In this project, we’d like to discover any tangible causal impact of having a pet such as dog and cat at home on home security, e.g. burglary occurrence. We hope by presenting our findings, it can light some sparks in people's mind on home security and human-pet relationships. After all, analytics are from our daily lives and are for our daily livings.


The causal analysis between air pollutants and daily crime rate

Though physiological effects of exposure to outdoor and ambient air pollutants on cognitive function and crime have been discussed in literature, to date, very few studies examined causal effect between these air pollutants and their potential impact on reported crime. Panel Fixed Effects and Instrumental Variable Model on aggregate daily crime data and air pollution concentrations for each location will be used to analyze the potential causal relationships between changes in outdoor air pollutant concentrations and the number of crimes reported per day.