We envision to be an online platform for event planning around the world. Customers can easily create an event that fits their exact specifications. will seamlessly arrange the logistics required, before passing over to the sales manager to close the deal.



What does the website do?

Imagine your company needs to hold a family day and you were tasked to plan out that entire family day with a few of your co-workers, but you have no experience at all. will help you by suggesting a few family day packages based on some basic requirements like total pax, budget and expected duration of the event. From there, we will provide you with the different family day packages that you can choose from! All of these packages are customizable and you can easily add or delete services that you do not like, and the price for the package will be updated in real-time. Once you have built your dream event, you can simply click on the "Book Now" button and an event manager from GetOut! Events will contact you to set it in motion.

Why is there a need for it?

Currently, we found that the presales process is tedious for both the consumer and the event organizer. Customers have to fill up a contact form and wait for a call from the events company. Then it is a back and forth process of requirement gathering, with the same questions being asked every single time. Furthermore, on average, for an event organizer to close a deal, it would take around 3 weeks of continuous communication with the company and that is simply too expensive from a business point of view. What if after 3 weeks, the company decided to not hold the event with you? That is a lot of time and effort wasted, incurring a heavy opportunity cost. Having will prevent that the event organizer incurring that cost.

Who are the developers?

Koh Chi Hao - Y3 Computer Science [Graduating Dec 2020]
Koh Jun Wei - Y3 Computer Science [Graduating 2021]
Tan LongBin - Y4 Mechanical Engineering with Second Major in Computer Science [Graduating June 2020]
Jerrel Ezralemuel - Y3 Computer Science [Graduating 2021]


We have collaborated with GetOut! Events to gain more insights into the domain problem.