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SoftMark provides a lightweight solution to the current bulky and manual process of marking exam scripts. By digitising the current workflow, it centralises key information across any team of markers. This ensures the accountability for each script, eases team management and streamlines the marking process for a greater grading experience.



Acquity is an online private equity marketplace that matches interested buyers and sellers, allowing equity acquisition and release from companies that have yet to go public.


We envision to be an online platform for event planning around the world. Customers can easily create an event that fits their exact specifications. will seamlessly arrange the logistics required, before passing over to the sales manager to close the deal.



Inspoboard helps you become a happier and more creative person. A new way to save, organize your inspirational images, and share them with your team, friends, and family. Capture every visual inspiration!



Ora is a comprehensive chat platform that aims to provide support and alleviate emotions for those struggling with mental health. Feeling like you can't do this anymore? Extremely stressed out with life? Scheduled a slot at UCS but it's weeks away and you need to get stuff off your chest? Try talking to supportive volunteers on Ora anonymously. Everyone needs a listening ear at least once in their lives - Ora isn't a counseling platform but we are here to listen.



Swipe. List. Go. Bucketlist started off with the ambition to simplify the process of gathering travel information, while creating an efficient and exciting way to explore the world. It is a visual-first trip planning tool, which provides an unbeatable experience-based information for travellers to create their journey, especially with friends.



RewardsMany is a rewards tracking system integrated in StaffAny’s existing mobile product to improve workplace performance among staff through incentives.



Pin pointing has never been more exciting! Can’t decide whose turn it is to do the chores? Or pay for the next outing? Decide now with FAST and SIMPLE mini games with Pinda!



NUS Residential Colleges’ go-to web application for events, bookings and approvals. Has booking facilities in your respective hostels been very laborious? Do you find signing up for events inconvenient? Are there simply too many events or CCA groups to keep track of? Would you want all these problems to be solved in a way that is accessible, fast and most importantly, effortless for everyone involved? Treeckle is the solution you are looking for.