Software Engineering on Modern Application Platforms


Students will learn about the essential Software Engineering (SE) principles and develop their SE skills by writing mobile apps for the iOS platform. During the second half of the semester, students will work in teams of not more than 4 students to develop cool and innovative iOS apps. Students can pretty much develop whatever apps that they desire as long as it is not immoral and does not compromise learning values. Visit our FaceBook page on https://www.facebook.com/cs3217 to find out more about the apps that were created by past students from CS3217.


35 students in 9 teams


Playgrounds for iOS

Playgrounds for iOS makes writing Swift code incredibly simple and fun. Type a line of code and the result appears immediately. Inspect how variables change as you scrub through your code just by tapping the line numbers. It’s a simpler-Xcode on your Playgrounds for iOS allows you to sync files easily with our dedicated Apps folder on Dropbox, so that you can share files with your friends, or open the Playground in Xcode on your iPad!


Paperless Meeting Using iPad

Paperless online meeting or brainstorming is a common activity for teams who work remotely. During a meeting, usually a team needs to work with different kinds of document: images, diagrams, text files, spreadsheets, et cetera. While at the moment there are many apps for iPad which offers real time document collaboration, none of them are optimised for meeting or brainstorming. We present an app that allows people to create collaborative workspaces where multiple people can conduct online meeting in real time using their iPads.


Act It Out!

Nowadays, social media becomes an essential part of life. People spend increasing time on their phones hunting for interesting news and photos. Here, Act It Out! provides a new way for people to share their daily life with friends. In Act It Out!, user choose a word, which could be a name of a song, a famous person, a movie or anything else. Without using any voice, user is asked to act it out and shoot a short video. After the video is uploaded, other users who subscribed the uploader receives a news feed. They can view the footage and guess the word.



Falco redesigns the experience of managing your goals and tasks by introducing a fun and interactive goal management application. By representing goals as bubbles, you get to see your goals float to the top in order of their importance. Falco also aims to bring individuals together to set out goals collectively as a group. It helps users to track and achieve their goals by providing them with a platform where they can chat and be encouraged by friends who share similar goals. With rich and interesting visual feedback, we remove the tediousness of goal tracking, making the experience fun and simple. Falco supports not only personal goals and casual goal-setting with friends, but also group project management, and even encourages family bonding through a unique user experience.


Courir: A Neverending Running Crusade

Above the calm turquoise waters lies a bustling pier and a booming industry, bursting with adventure. Join Dan and his clones on a parkour-style crusade, avoiding cranes by ducking and jumping over crates as they appear mysteriously in their path. The last man running wins.




Our little T-Rex is having a bad day. He wants to go to the toilet to relieve himself but there are so many obstacles blocking his way. Guide him to his goal while learning some programming along the way. Go T-Rex!



NUSTraversal is an iOS-based service that provides directions for travelling around NUS campus. In addition to the conventional walking routes, NUSTraversal incorporates NUS Bus Service routes to present the optimal way to go about NUS. For better planning, NUSTraversal will also estimate the time taken to go to any destination within the campus. All in all, NUSTraversal makes navigating around NUS faster and easier.



Zone is a time management app. It helps the user to track his/her daily activities by categorizing and color-coding them. The app allows you to look back and get feedback on optimizing your time with meaningful statistics. Features include optional tagging of locations, friends, images and descriptions for each activity. The user will have the freedom to make the logging of activities as detailed as they want.


Eggie Run

Eggie Run is an additive 2D side-scrolling platform running game with supplementary features, including cookbook collection, cooking etc. In the gaming section, there will be an Eggie racing down along the kitchen tables and shelves, where there are various cooking ingredients and condiments for user to collect. User could Jump to avoid gap and obstacles. However jumping into obstacles and gaps can also unlock different dishes, depending on ingredients and condiments collected. In the Éggdex section, all possible dishes will be listed down here. Details about newly activated dishes could be viewed by clicking on it. For unknown dishes that user haven’t encountered in the game, there will also be hint description for user to restart a game with targets. The game is going to be supported by SpriteKit.