Web Programming and Applications


This module introduces students to software development on the Web platforms. Students will be exposed to important computer science concepts, including networking, databases, computer security, user interface design, programming languages, and software engineering. These concepts will be tied together through hands-on practice in building a Web-based application using the current Web development technology. At the end of the module, students are expected to be able to design and develop a Web application, to appreciate the underlying technology needed to build a Web application, and to develop a fundamental understanding of related computer science concepts.


57 students in 12 teams


Rank Dash

Ever wanted to showcase your achievements at certain events to others? Need something to incentivise participants to aim to be the top? Rank Dash provides you with the scoreboard component of any competitive event you want to host. Spectators can view the live scoreboard and the finalized scoreboard is available even after the event has ended.


IOI Singapore 2020

Singapore will host the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) in 2020, one of the major international science olympiads held annually worldwide. This project aims to create a contest website as a custom Content Management System (CMS) for the participants, volunteers, guests and probably non-CS admin of the contest. The website will not only feature basic contents similar to past/current IOI websites but will also introduce features like customized access and management tools depending on the user’s level for authorization. We hope that our project can be launched by 12-19 August 2016 in Russia as the official IOI 2020 website!



Currently, there isn’t a centralised platform for students to post questions regarding NUS related matters, such as queries about modules, CCA, life on campus and etc. NUSAnswers will provide such a platform for students and faculty to post and answer these queries. The main target audience are existing NUS students and faculty, as well as students who will be matriculating in the future. Members of the public will also be able to post questions relating to NUS.




NUS currently uses IVLE forums for students' class participation grading and discussion. It is slow, unintuitive and unpleasant to use. Alternatives like Stack-Overflow-style forums are difficult and expensive to clone not user friendly to the laymen. NUS Forum aims to change that, by bringing crowd-driven forums to the student and staff community.



Presenting NUSAnswers! This is a Q&A website for anything NUS related - from administrative matters to casual questions, post your question here to get your answers! Students have questions related to NUS which they require answers to, but they lack an available outlet for them due to the website being too module-specific, like IVLE forum. NUSWhispers, which is meant for anonymous confessions, currently receives many such questions. It'd be nicer to have a single site where students can search for answers to their questions on courses, modules, or administrative matters as well as more casual questions like ‘When does the UTown gym reopen?’ or ‘What CCA should I join?’. NUSAnswers does all of that.




When shoppers in Singapore want to look for a particular store, they will either use Google maps, or visit a particular mall's online shopping directory to check if the mall has such a store. Although many malls have their own shopping directories online, there are no websites that contain shopping directories for all (or multiple) major shopping malls in Singapore. We propose to create FindCity, a website that will allow users to find stores and malls in Singapore easily. FindCity is a website that contains information of multiple malls in Singapore. For instance, using our website, a user can select to access the information of a particular shopping mall (e.g Vivocity, JEM, JCube). The user can then search for all the available stores in Vivocity as well as their location and opening hours. Users can also look for the nearest store (Challenger, Cold Storage) near them. The website will also contain an interface for shoppers/store owners to input store information if it does not exist/ is not updated in our website. This information will be subjected to administrators' (our) approval before being updated in the website.



SoCPlans provides SoC students with an improved system to manage their degree plans. This Web application will make it easier for students to keep track of modules needed to fulfil degree requirements over their entire candidature. Not only does it allow students to check their study progress and it informs users of how many modules of each type (Programme Requirements, ULR, UE, Breadth,...) still needs to be fulfilled, it can also provide users with a future study plan based on user’s planned modules and allow users to customize it as they wish.


NUSH :: NUS Student Life Hacks

Smart people learn from their mistakes, wise people learn from other's experiences. Here at NUS Student Life Hacks, we want to compile and collate all the edifying life hacks and better ways to do things to improve one another, one hack at a time. Do you have a interesting experience to share? Come join us and pen down your life hack TODAY @ nush.sg!



NUSmeow is aimed to increase interactions among NUS students. Students can ask help or make friends for hanging out, playing games, or forming teams together by posting feeds. By following feeds and adding friends, we are trying to link NUS students closer. Join us at NUSmeow.com



GymRats is a one-stop web application that helps users find the best place for them to be fit and keep fit. Be it a person who is completely new and would like to pick his/her first gym or a veteran gym rat that is looking for a new experience, GymRats is here to help you make an informed and concrete decision. Through our comprehensive list of gyms and their details, search for the gym with the right equipment or even a gym near you to get started. Review the quality of the gyms too to help others with their search. Get back to the grind!




A platform for NUS students to obtain lecture notes of modules regardless of course requirements and prerequisite. Students can enrich themselves through lecture notes, which highlights the key ideas of topics, and ask questions directly in the forum.



During events/project, the organizers often need extra manpower and talent. There is currently no platform for them to post such job listings. On the other hand, many talented students would like to find a part-time job for when they are free. Yet they are not able to find one without proper contacts and information. So here is our solution. A trusted portal for NUS populace to find and offer help to others. Our target audience will mainly consist of NUS CCAs, societies and talented NUS individuals.