CS3240 Interaction Design is intended for students in computing and related disciplines whose work focuses on human-computer interaction (HCI) issues in the design of computer systems. The course stresses the importance of user-centered design and usability in the development of computer applications and systems. Students are taken through the analysis, design, development, and evaluation of human-computer interaction methods for computer systems. They acquire hands-on design skills through laboratory exercises and assignments. The course covers HCI design principles and emphasizes the importance of contextual, organizational, and social factors in interaction design.


40 students in 10 teams



As a student in SoC, there are many times when we have to stay late in school to work on projects and assignments. But we are often faced with limited choices when it comes to dinner as most canteens near SoC are closed at around 7pm. FoodByte, a food ordering platform that helps you to consolidate food orders with people around school so as to meet the minimum order for food delivery will help to solve your problem of getting dinner in school!


Ride NUS

The inflexibility of the shuttle bus system at NUS results in inefficiency while travelling around campus and low satisfaction rating among passengers. To mitigate this problem we propose to design a smartphone application, Ride NUS, which could be used in unison with a bike rental system on campus.



Due to the prevalent piracy and plagiarism of images in videos, YouFind emerges as a service which facilitates multimedia searching of videos, through the use of images, allowing content creators to search for their original work being used in videos without consent or credit.


NUS Modules Tracker

In this project, we explore the possibility of having a modules tracker for NUS students to keep track on what modules they have taken or plan to take. This application aims to provide a single platform made up of several key functionalities to help students track their academic progress, including their goals and CAP. With this platform, it will be easy for students to decide what modules to take in each semester throughout their 4 years, and to make an important academic decision like going on exchange.



INSYNCT is an app that allows for sharing and editing of workflows, giving an overall view of the processes without delving into details. There are two main purposes when sharing workflows; teaching a newcomer how the general structure of work is like, or a superior needs to edit the workflow of his subordinates. INSYNCT’s main goals are to present these two features in an intuitive and minimalist way to users, allowing people to quickly take up the reins of a new project. However, INSYNCT will be modular enough such that any user can easily use it to serve their needs.



NUSTicket is a platform for NUS cultural event promotion and event ticket selling as well as purchase. It allows NUS students and cultural groups to advertise their events such as musical production, theatre, arts exhibition, while people can search for events according to different categories and purchase tickets online.



Uber for dog walkers. For owners: Hire or schedule a dog walker in your neighbourhood when you need one! Track your dog while it's on the walk! For walkers: Indicate when you are free and wait for jobs to come to you! Find and accept more jobs near you!



"EventPresso" is a new kind of event finding app that allows you to explore new events, make new friends and share new ideas. Try "EventPresso" for free now!



Taking a module with a project component? Don't know anyone in class? Afraid to talk to people? But even more afraid of getting a bad group? Collab is a mobile application that helps NUS students find good groupmates and form ideal project groups. Users can view profiles of other students in their class, send them messages, and form groups that will be recognized in IVLE. Connect your account with Facebook, and you might even find classmates with mutual friends! If you're an NUS student, lecture, or course administrator -- our application is for you.



NUS Academic Planner

NUS Academic Planner is a one-stop academic planning platform that integrates module information and graduation requirements.