The objective of this module is to introduce techniques for electronic game design and programming. This module covers a range of important topics including 3D maths, game physics, game AI, sound, as well as user interface for computer games. Furthermore, it will give an overview of computer game design, publishing and marketting to the students. Through laboratory projects, the students will have hands-on programming experience with popular game engines and will develop basic games using those engine. Themes for this Semester's Projects: Virtual Reality Game, Virtual Reality Simulation for Training (using Oculus Rift).


37 students in 6 teams


House Of Horrors

House of Horrors is a First Person Horror Game in which the player plays as the security guard of a funeral home haunted by reanimated corpses. Each corpse has its own characteristics and requires a different way to tackle. The end goal is to escape from the funeral home, alive.


Eye Contact

Eye Contact is a competitive first person multiplayer VR game. Players taking on the role of humans have to steal a precious item and escape from a wax museum while being hunted by other players taking on the role of monsters. Humans have to make use of the environment to stop the monsters from getting close. Monsters on the other hand can move fast but have one key vulnerability: they cannot move while being seen by any other player. Download here: http://bit.ly/1qbjp1G


Vengeance Rising

The objective of the project is to create a detective game using the uprising technology of virtual reality devices and leap motion. In this game you will take up the role of a private eye who is invited to dinner by a rich nobleman. Through solving puzzles, you discover a corpse. So you decide to investigate further - armed only with VR goggles, leap motion tracking and your own intellect. It will be very interesting for all people who are interested in games, detective stories or who would like to see the possibilities which arise with the used technology.




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Legends of Mors Ter

Legends of Mors Ter is an Open-world RPG game set in the medieval but magical world of Albion where the Humans and Fae are on the brink of war. You play as Mors Ter, one of the last dragons, awaken after a long slumber, and experience the awe-inspiring power of the ancient race of dragons. Your allegiance to either side could tip the scales in their favour; or play for your own side. Whatever the outcome, you decide the fate of the land.


Lux Valley

On a dark, moonless night, you arrive at a mysterious valley. The fog clouds your vision and fear pushes you back. Alone in the dark, you spot a light in the distance. Though their light is weak and dim, let them be your beacon. With the lights as your guide and shield, explore the valley and unlock its secrets. Release all of the lights to light up the valley and make your way home.