Media Technology Projects


CS3283 and CS3284 are two modules on the development of media technology systems such as interactive systems, games, retrieval systems, multimedia computing applications, etc. Students will form project teams to work on media technology projects. This first part focuses on the analysis of the user's needs, formulation of the computing requirements of the desired solution that meets the user's needs, design of the systems according to the requirements, implementation of first-cut prototype for evaluation purpose, and evaluation of the design.


58 students in 12 teams


LynkMe: An Event-Networking Mobile App

LynkMe is an event-networking mobile app that aims to provide more opportunities amongst event attendees to network meaningfully and effectively before, during and after events. In the app, you can browse events, post/comment in forums dedicated to each event, engage in personal chats with fellow attendees of an event, and much more.


Bill.eGoat: Automated Management of Bills and Statements

A person who scans his phone bills/medical bills/banks statements often ends up manually filing the physical/scanned copies. The sheer volume of bills to manually organise, the lack of ease in cross-referencing and analysing bills across a time period and other problems lead to unnecessary financial errors, such as late payment of bills. The bills/statements from one organization, however, typically have the same layout and format while using standard fonts. Hence, it is possible to read information, such as billing amounts, from soft-copy bills and summarize them (e.g., show a chart of phone usage month-over-month). Bill.eGoat is the first automated bill manager available which allows users to upload bills via web or email and have their bills sorted and presented in useful formats - such as charts which analyse billing patterns. Bill.eGoat can easily be used by one and all in a quick and painless fashion, seeking to remove the hindrance of bill management, tracking and analysis from people’s daily lives.




A software that simplifies copy and paste operations by reducing windows switching and the needs of visually searching for suitable content


TranslateLah: Medical Translator for Healthcare Professionals

TranslateLah is a highly portable translation application with an interactive interface that facilitates the communication of information from English-speaking Healthcare Professionals (nurses & doctors) to non-English speaking hospitalised patients, through visual and audio aids.


Vumix: A Tool to Create Your Own Augmented Reality Mobile Application

Have you ever wanted to create your very own augmented reality mobile application but lacked the technical knowledge to do so? Vumix is the simple solution for you! Vumix is a design tool that was built with designers in mind and it requires absolutely zero coding to bring your AR app to life. At our booth, we would be showcasing the different types of AR apps that Vumix can create with a few simple clicks.



Guild Masters: An Open Source Web-based Guild Management Game

Guild Masters is a browser based Guild management game where the player can hire and manage Adventurers to complete Quests! In addition, we have an administrative system to modify game configuration without having to rewrite any code.


CloudyGame: Cloud-Gaming Friendly Game Engine

Current cloud gaming implementation does not efficiently utilize server memory. The main issue is asset-sharing between game instances. Traditionally, a new instance of game will be created for each player in the server, resulting in unnecessary usage of space, especially RAM. To overcome this problem , we re-architect an existing game engine (the system used to run games) to meet the needs of cloud gaming. We do this by allowing multiple players to share an instance of a single-player game. These players will not be able to interact with each other, although some assets will still be shared. This helps in increasing the efficiency of cloud gaming, reducing the operating costs and allowing more players into the cloud gaming market. With this, everyone can enjoy games requiring high computational power and resources. We believe that this is the future of gaming.


WorldScope: Live Mobile Broadcasting Platform

WorldScope is an open source live mobile broadcasting platform, a mobile client and server that allow a user to stream video and audio live from a mobile phone to their subscribers (listening and watching on their mobile phones).


Zoomable.js: HTML5-based Zoomable Video Streaming Player

An open-source HTML5 video player that allows users to zoom in and pan around the video with bandwidth efficiency. The Javascript-based zoomable video player streams dash-compliant videos and adapts to network conditions to provide continuous video playback by reducing the video resolutions where necessary.


Reindeer: A Leap Towards Better Tutorial Experiences

Conducting and attending online tutorials has not been a pleasant experience. "Reindeer" is our answer to this problem, a one-stop solution to better online tutorial experiences. Join your tutors and peers in this brand new online education platform. Start teaching and learning on "Reindeer" now!


Cubist: An Open Source Web Gallery for 3D Models

Cubist is an open source web gallery for 3D models for users to freely share their creations or find 3D assets for their projects. Cubist's primary feature is an interactive 3D model viewer, allowing users to fully preview the model without the need to download them. (Disclaimer: We do not own the 3D models seen in this project and its related images, their rights and credits belong to their respective owners.)


SuperStreamer: Game Engine with Progressive Content Streaming

The objective of this project is to develop a game engine that supports progressive downloading of game contents (a.k.a file streaming). The team should come up with game engine design and specifications/API for developers of game content/game, implement the design by modifying any existing open source game engine, and develop a common thin client called Gamelet (may be, plug-in for browser), which can download the game contents on demand and allows game play of any game built with the game engine.