Digital Special Effects


This module aims at teaching multimedia techniques for creating digital specia effects video. It allows the students to explore their creativity while extending their skills in multimedia technologies. Topics covered include elements of special effects, camera work, storyline and storyboard, digital compositing, matchmoving, video effects, CG effects, 2D/3D morphing, realistic rendering, sound effects, case studies. The students are required to analyse and critique special effects in movies. The module culminates in a short video project that demonstrates the students’ creativity and innovation in using various techniques to create a captivating and stunning digital special effects video.


25 students in 7 teams



"pikachu" by A+ productions house

Get your favour pokemon by drawing!!!!!


"Earthquake" by Breakthrough Productions

A prankster meets his match as his world gets turned upside down...or does he?


"Feu Follet" by Century Production

A practical joke leads to the death, worth it? This happened when the main character took a nap after a long work day. The photos on the wall woke up and some interesting things happened then.


A Revenge

Getting your face drawn is not something you want to experience! Hey, watch how you can call out your friends from inside a photo album to help you avenge!



The little story of the little guys

Little did we know, the little guys STeP(ped) out to the unknown, curiosity overflow. Now they crossed the boundary, their mischief comes with a fee. I pray in this dire situation they stay afloat, or will you show some love and cast your votes?



Fear the Mustache!

Two photographs, two clones. Watch as a simple prank unfolds into a full-blown conflict of epic proportions!



Reap What You Sow

What will happen when you leave 2 photo frame by themselves? See their mischievous and devious antics paired with stationeries for yourself!