Final Year Project


The individual project dissertation provides the opportunity for a student to demonstrate independence and originality and to apply knowledge learnt in modules to a reasonably large problem requiring analytical and/or design and/or experimental effort. Students taking this module must work independently on a research project or applied research project, under the supervision of staff. The project demonstrates a student's work ethic, level of initiative, determination and innovative ways of solving problems. It also tests a student's ability to adapt to work in a research or a large scale project environment involving design and development, or take up an individually challenging problem requiring innovative solution and able to think laterally when difficulties are encountered. The project also provides scope for student to use their skill in technical project execution and management, and to think and seek solutions when difficulties are encountered, as each student is largely responsible for their own programme of work.


4 students in 4 teams


The awards for this module were decided by the judges and/or evaluators

3rd Prize

2nd Prize

1st Prize