I am NOT looking for Financial Adviser position. What are the positions available?

This Fair promotes the corporate positions in the Insurance industry, and this ranges from: Actuaries, Analytics, Finance, Human Resources, Technology and more. There are also Management Associate programs for graduating students.

What are the opportunities available?

Opportunities are available for the various groups of students (including Undergraduates, Postgraduates and MBA students):

  1. Full Time Opportunities for students graduating in coming May 2020 and before;
  2. Summer Internship Opportunities; &
  3. School Term Internship Opportunities from Aug-Dec 2020.

Are there internship opportunities for Year 1 students?

Yes. There are opportunities that require students to complete at least 2 semester of undergraduate education at the point of entry. Hence, Year 1 students can apply to these internship opportunities.

Do I have to bring along my resume for this fair?

The companies will be taking down your particulars to follow up with you separately. Resume is not required for this fair.

Is the Fair only meant for Business students?

The Fair is opened to ALL NUS students.