Kaki Circle

Kaki Circle is a virtual platform that aims to avert loneliness and depression among isolated elderlies who live alone. This platform creates opportunities and encourages them to form social connections with other elderlies, hence enhances their self-reliance and long-term mental well-being.



Kaki Circle offers a virtual platform where elderlies will be represented by a character which is personalized based on their own hobbies, styles and preferred nickname, rather than real names and images.

In this platform, they can freely interact with others through a variety of activities like chatting, doodling or playing games. Online interactions are known to facilitate better communication due to the sense of anonymity they provide, hence isolated elderlies will feel more comfortable with opening up and socializing with others.

The platform can be operated on any tablet device, accompanied by a motion-sensor and GPS-embedded wristband. This wristband is an essential components for several games on the platform which promotes physical exercises, at the same time acts as a location tracker for several functions, such as common space heat map.

Kaki Circle also aims to extend the friendships formed beyond the screen and into reality. The platform gives the elderlies direct access to information about events around them and simplifies registration to motivate participation. Many functions and prompts are also in place to encourage elderlies to hang out in real life, rather than just through the virtual platform.