Our team is designing a robot equipped with the technology to self-create events which automatically reminds residents of such events along the corridor of HDB estates. Our goal is to integrate technology to rekindle the kampung spirit among the neighbours through social gatherings and eventually forge strong relations within the neighbourhood.



The main focus of the robot we have designed is to spread awareness about upcoming events that are targeted among neighbours living closest to one another (same floor). During our research, we have found that most elderly still shy away from the use technology if it has a complex user interface. As a result, we have thought of how we can integrate technology without having the elderly using it. Thus, we have made an autonomous patrolling device that tries to prompt them on communal gathering among neighbours that are taking place. During one of our interview with an events manager at CDC, the prompting of events is currently done by going door to door. However, due to the lack of manpower, outreach tend to be limited. Therefore, with this robot, it will help to reach out to more people. Our events created by the robot will not be similar to a community event, but it will be an event that specifically targets only a certain floor of a HDB block. Each event are organise once every week. The first few events will be assist by members of the Residential Community. We aim that in future events, as more of such events take place, neighbours would be taking the initiative to organise these events by themselves. As a result, we hope to rekindle the kampung spirit among the neighbours. Our team do acknowledge several challenges faced as we interview several residents on our solution. We found that residents may find this robot annoying. Hence, we could equip the robot with multiple function tools to be more beneficial rather than a hindrance. For instance, we have decided a cleaning mechanism could be attached at the bottom of the robot to clean the corridors while it is not performing it's main task - informing corridor passers-by about the upcoming event.