PETal awakens and harnesses the soul of plant-kinds, so that retirees can grow with nature, never leave their family's care and be rooted in their neighbourhood community.



Our team created PETAL with a focus to improve the lifestyle & health of the elderly, all beginning from a simple daily habit of watering a plant. As such, we are first taking small steps to implement PETAL with our family, friends & neighbourhood community -- as a lifestyle & health device for good habits, medical compliance and accountability.

Through sharing gardening know-hows and plant growth progress, our team hopes that PETAL can also be an excuse for neighbours to be acquainted & eventually engage in deeper conversations.

As there are many community gardens and gardening interest groups in Singapore, our end goal for PETAL is to bridge individuals to the existing community gardens & keep the Kampong spirit alive -- as a lifestyle & social connection device through human's innate need for nature.

If you're interested in our project or would like to collaborate, feel free to contact us at