NUS Makerthon 2019


Give superpower to children in need! NUS makers pool their talent together to build device for children with physical / mental disabilities.


57 students in 15 teams

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Bionic Arm

In this project, we aim to create a strap-on device that enhances the arm movement of children with cerebral palsy. This strap-on device will not only promote muscle movement and muscle memory, but also reward them with character achievements, through a fitted LCD screen.


Smile to Speech

Smile to Speech aims to empower children with Cerebral Palsy to communicate independently and easily simply through a smile.


Baby Steps

Baby Steps is a foot brace that aids dorsiflexion at the ankle joint during physiotherapy.



Speech Generator

Children are frustrated because they have difficulty communicating their needs and thoughts effectively to others and need a way to easily voice out their opinions. Hence we aim to allow the child to keep up a natural conversation by going beyond the simple commands of PECS, and allowing sophisticated responses for the child with just a simple blink of an eye.


Gestice League

The Gestice League are a legion of superheroes whose aim is to find and reach out to gift worthy children with superpowers so that they can help fight off the evils of the world. Through simple gesture based motions, these children will be able to hone newfound powers to perform tasks beyond their imagining and defeat their enemies.



Meeting communicative needs of children with dysarthria (speech difficulty) using a wearable, customisable, gesture-to-speech device. An instrument of creative, interactive fun for super kids, super caregivers and super friends!



Even Batman can't save the day if he's worrying about where he left his cape. ALFRED brings users everything they need to be a superhero - taking care of the little things, so users don't have to.



DITO is a multi-player video game that enables children with Down Syndrome to connect with others through play, learn more about the world of emotions, and engage in imaginative world-building.



Wheelchair-bound children are frequently constrained by their immobility. They lack the freedom to travel between places, often requiring assistance from parents, caregivers and nurses. In Singapore, kids with Cerebral Palsy (CP) and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) can face discomfort when taking their body weight, as the current procedure for weighing wheelchair-bound children is cumbersome and inefficient. Over time, the physical demands of hoisting each child for weighing can also take a toll on caregivers and nurses. However, weight-taking is an important, regular process for these children since a child's weight helps doctors determine if one is amply meeting his/her nutritional needs. Hence, we came up with Wisca – a solution that benefits not only occupants of wheelchairs but also eases the process of weight-taking for doctors and parents.



A dual-purpose tablet app to be used for training of kids with deafness for employment and to bridge the gap of communication between customers and staff with deafness.




TURBO is an interactive 2-player game that seeks to enhance the palmar strength of children with cerebral palsy. Such is achieved through the flexion and extension of the fingers that help to train the grip strength. Additionally, the game also serves as an alternative to hand therapy, and provides these children with opportunities to interact with one another. This form of social interaction would aid in the process of social integration as the kids would learn social cues when interacting with one another.


The Wave

The Wave is an Automated Sleeping Positioning System for Children with Cerebral Palsy. By using The Wave, anyone that with or without the knowledge and experience will be able to take care children with Cerebral Palsy. The Wave is design to take a good care and protect Cerebral Palsy children


Mark 13

Heroes are made, not born. Giving children gesture-based control to conquer the challenges of their therapy.


WITS-Robot (WiFi Interactive Tracking Sidekick Robot)

Interactive robot companion that empowers children to go on superhero adventures