Question: Where should I set-up my demo and/or poster?

Answer: Detailed layout of the venue is available at: click here [tentative!]

Question: How large should our posters be if our lecturer asked us to produce a poster? I also heard that SoC Technical Services will print the poster for free of cost. Is this true?

Answer: Your poster should be A1 sized (841 x 594 mm) and the orientation should be portrait . Upload the poster to dropbox as informed through email and any one member of the group (student card is required for verification) can go to SoC Technical Services in COM1 Level to collect the poster. You can print one copy for free of charge at Technical Services. Additional copies will be charged at $12 per copy.

Guidelines for making good posters are available at Design Basics page.

Question: I am in one of the participating class on 25th July Showcase and my group will be showcasing our project. Do I still need to register?

Answer: No. If you are in one of the participating courses of SWS and exhibiting your work on 2th July, registration is NOT required. Your names will be automatically added based on the project group information submitted by your course professor/lecturer. However, you are required to login to the system (http://isteps.comp.nus.edu.sg/event/sws-y2-19), to update your personal profile and project info. Please make sure that your user info is completed by ** 23-July-2019** at STePS system.