📷😀 EmojiCam - Real-time image emojify service

Turn faces into emojis, even in real time! with emotion statistics



<img src="https://emojiimage.blob.core.windows.net/demos/logo.png" alt="logo" style="width:140px;" align="right"> # EmojiCam 📷😀 ## What do we do? **Turn faces into emojis! Even in real time!** Along with emotion summary and gesture ✌... ## That sounds good... Can I have a try? Sure! Try it by yourself via the following ways: - 💻 Online demo: [https://emojicamdev1.z7.web.core.windows.net/](https://emojicamdev1.z7.web.core.windows.net/) - 📱 Android App: (15.4 MB) [https://emojiimage.blob.core.windows.net/releases/emojicam.apk](https://emojiimage.blob.core.windows.net/releases/emojicam.apk) - ✈️ Telegram Bot: [@EmojiCam_bot](https://t.me/emojicam_bot) - ⏱ Real-time Demo: Try it at our stand at COM1, Cluster 2-15 ## Awesome... How you achieved that? Well, we don't produce AI and models. Instead, we opt for API from Azure & Face++, and integrate them seamlessly with our own *functions* and *serverless architecture*. ![Design](https://emojiimage.blob.core.windows.net/demos/design.png) If you're interested, why not take a look at our [poster](https://emojiimage.blob.core.windows.net/demos/poster.jpg)?