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Multimedia & VR/AR


Thor's magical world

Explore world with your hammer, collect crystals to get skills, and fight with guards. Thor's magical world will give you an unforgettable VR experience.


Trash Bingo

Born in a fairyland to gain basic skills, you would then teleport to the Lively Town to begin your adventure. Everyday life in the town produces plenty of trashes and you should help to handle this. Trash you picked up should be sorted into the right bin according to the 2019 Shanghai's new recycling laws. Don't forget to purchase bonus props with rewards after correct sorts. You won't want to miss the landscape there in the VR world!


The Genesis

The Genesis is a VR game in which you are the Lord of Everything, wielding awesome god powers to create a marvelous planet. Jump straight into creating you own planet!


Moonlight Diner

Our game simulates the experience of cooking in a kitchen, but leaves out the complexity and preserves the fun. Our game has accurate real-time knife-cutting simulation, one original BGM soundtrack and various vivid SFXs which will get you totally immersed in this virtual reality world. However, when the night falls, everything is becoming weird...


Back From Hell

An ordinary flight mission, a series of amazing conspiracies. This is an invitation from hell to a feast on the brink of death. The sudden turbulence and the mysterious hurricane make the airplane flip over and crash. You, an air force major, about to be promoted, are found dead in an ordinary flight without corpse. Open your eyes, and you will find yourself in hell, which is damp, cold and full of poisonous gas. How can you escape from the dark tunnel of hell? How can you defeat the enemies everywhere? How can you defeat the demon who sucks human blood? In order to escape, in order to survive, in order to solve the mystery, a battle between the good and evil will begin... In this game, you can use multiple weapons, such as guns and lightsabers, to attack different enemies according to the characteristics of the weapons. You can use powerful spells like fireballs and lightning. You can also use therapy to restore blood volume. Try to defeat all demons and return from hell!


Beast Hill

Do you have a hero dream to become a cool and awesome knight? Do you want to enjoy the pleasure of killing monsters? Have you ever heard about the mysterious Beast Mountain? Do you want to go into a virtual but real world to become a swordman in ancient China? Get off now! Board the Beast Mountain, and become the domineering demon slayer!


Floatown-Cyber Drifter

In our game, players can climb and run in several aerial cyberpunk islands, exploring the sci-fi style cities and beating alien enemies.



Destroy everything you can see in limited time and get a higher score!!



You wake up on a beach of an islet without consciousness. Since, the rescue team will search for the sufferers within seven days, you have to use some equipment to send S.O.S as soon as possible. However, there are more challenges on the unknown and strange place…



You are trapped in a horrible maze, find the exit is the only way to survive......You can use your flashlight to illuminate a limited area and defend yourself with a gun. However, your gun is short of bullets., and the gunfire will attracks monsters. Good Luck! And ESCAPE!!


The Mind

The Mind is a VR GAME about ROOM ESCAPING. In this game, you will play a role as a psychologist, Dr.Smith. You will enter the three rooms which stand for writer, Mark’s inner world of 3 periods in his life. In each room, you need to find the corresponding object props, investigate Mark's psychological condition and the cause of the disease. After you solve a series of puzzles, you will enter the next room.


I wanna be a dreamer

Empty is a dreamless guy living in a world that everyone have a dream. He wants to seek the seed of dream in devil's castle. Try to become a dreamer and be careful with the traps. Please notice the clue and textures to find the truth behind this story.



A story of love and abhor. A story of destroying and redeeming. Love may be hard to be seen, but it's never absent. It's a journey of finding back my memory. It's a journey of feeling THE love.


Haha & Coco

Haha is a Dinosaur. As the temperature increasing, she has to eat ice cream as mush as she can. Otherwise, she would be heated to death. Now her friend Coco helps her by throwing the ice cream. Please help her!


The Arrow of Love

You are the little Cupid. Now your mother Venus gives you some missions to complete: Make the boy and girl fall in love with each other! You should shoot the arrows of love to both of them in 5 seconds or your love magic will lose its effect.



"It was a pleasant journey… It that… storm…? Something there… Something… I can’t see it… Where am I… Who are they… What I should do…" Try our Adventure Game! Link:


Galaxy of Trigonometry

Galaxy is a mix of chaos and harmony: unpredictable things happen at each moment while a few graceful math rules are revealed. By combining trigonometry and straight-line motions in a well-designed way, this project offers a glimpse of the beauty of Galaxy.


Magical Christmas

Merry Christmas! Using ray tracing, we designed a scene of the Christmas tree under the sky full of stars in GLSL. According to the surface of the spheres, you are able to easily see the light effects such as reflection, refraction and the like. See more details by clicking the URL of our project in shadertoy! Futhermore, the algorithm has already been updated to our homepage.



The journey of a small ball.


Three Body

Three Body is loved by many. With raytracing, feel the revolution of Three Body!


The Drop

The Drop is a kind of flying object, which has a perfectly streamline body. We show the flight scenes of the drop and its two wing balls in day and night.


Lonely Snowman

This project is implemented using the Whitted Ray Tracing algorithm and run at Snow is made from multiple parallax layers with randomly positioned flakes and directions. Users can interact with the demo through the keyboard and mouse to control the snowman and snow flakes.


Dynamic Club

The world was originally black and white, after adding light of different colors, it became colorful...


Shine A Light

You will see a string of bright pearls that follow the music doing different movements under the light in a variety of colors. And in the center there is a translucent ball shaking with the beats which is encircled by a string of unique balls.With the change of the music frequency, not only the shape of some balls will change, but also the light will vibrate with the music. Through the detailed mirroring, refined shadow, passionate music, starry background,we want to create a party or disco atmosphere.


Box Club

This is a box club.There’s a stage in the middle of the room, with four stereos at the four corners. The stereos plays electronic music while the stage switches between sound waves, heart, and notes. You can control the stage by typing on the keyboard. The letter you press will be displayed on the stage, and you can press again to cancel it.


Dance With Me

The three energetic fairies dance rhythmically on the colorful shining stage.There are two kinds of main objects, the fairies(consist of 5 spheres and 5 cones) and bouncing balls with different materials. We use real-time raytracing to complete the shadow, reflection effect, refraction effect and noise mapping on the surface of the objects.


MAZE Tracing

"Maze Tracing" is a Shadertoy GLSL fragment shader that implements the Whitted Ray Tracing algorithm. More precisely, it's a maze game implemented by ray-tracing techinique and every pixel in every frame is drawn by synthetic rays, bringing you a vivid visual effect. Our program implements several intersection algorithms (e.g., plane, sphere, axis-aligned box and cone), so some visually realistic effects like reflection and refraction are constructed in our scene. Your job is to move the golden ball and find the way to designated position with keyboard. A trackball camera is implemented so player can adjust the angle of view by mouse move. Once you get there, there'll be a fancy video played as reward. Come and play Maze Tracing! Enjoy a maze game in ray tracing!


Crossing the Wormwhole

A real-time rendering 3D scene of a wormhole in the universe applying ray tracing methods. Besides our excellent rendering effect, we also added Game mode.



A dynamic Solar system rendered by Phong Shading.


Ray-Tracing With PBS and Refracion

We use the PBS, refraction, reflection, the Fresnel effect and so on to implement this project.


A DASH System With BBA

We process the original video to get video with different qualities, and design the algorithm to achieve the best viewing experience without stagnation under the conditions of different network bandwidth.



We implement a video website in which the users can upload and watch videos. The videos in our system are transcoded into different qualities, and our player supports adaptive stream switching with ELASTIC algorithm. Meanwhile, the website has a video list and the users can choose one to play. The users can also upload videos and the process of uploading and transcoding will be shown.


DASH player using FESTIVE algorithm

We apply FESTIVE algorithm to make DASH player more adaptive to various network situation. Our algorithm ,and it’s designed mainly to improve the efficiency and stability of the dash player. The first approach we take is to estimate bandwidth in harmonic way . In this case, we use the data of last 20 chunks to estimate bandwidth. Then we use the estimated bandwidth to calculate the reference bitrate for next chunk. If the current bitrate is higher than 85% of the estimated bandwidth, we will change the bitrate to the next lower level, and if the current bitrate is less than 25% of the estimated bandwidth, we will change the bitrate to the next higher level. The second approach is to use a formula to calculate the score of efficiency and stability and decide whether to change the bitrate for next chunk.


Video Streaming System with Q-DASH

Q-DASH(QOE(Quality of Experience) aware DASH) system aims at providing a practical solution to improve the QoE for the current DASH systems. We propose a QoE aware adaption algorithm to utilize the video buffer and select a suitable quality levels.


A Video Streaming System with dash.js Based on BBA Rules