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Ng Yong Sheng


Hero As A Hobby

Join us in a world of adventure where you will get to explore the wonders of City Z as a young psychic hero and defeat the oncoming monstrous and robotic invaders bent on overtaking the world! Utilise your close combat combos or various devastating shooting abilities to eradicate your enemies! Activate your flying powers to ease your woes of traversing the difficult and dangerous terrains and close up the distance between you and your enemies quickly! Seek help from the lands itself by picking up various elemental runes that will grant you an additional boost in your powers considerably to tackle your enemies! Now available with VR!



statement is a new styling app that makes it easier and fun for millennials to create, find and share their outfits. Make a statement, be the statement.



StareDown is a first-person VR survival game that takes place in Ancient Greek. Players assume the role of Medusa, Eldest of the Gorgons, who serve to seek vengeance on Poseidon by taking out on the Children of Poseidon for her unjustice during the event unfolded in the Temple of Athena. Set in an arena setting, the player will contest hordes of Poseidon's armies till the last of Poseidon's acquaintance is wiped off from the face of the earth.